Triple Benefit Deposit Scheme (TBDS)
Principal amount Tk. 10,000.00 or its multiple will be tripled at 11 years..
Customers will be allowed to open this scheme in his own name or jointly by depositing any amount of Tk. 10,000 or its multiple.
Principal amount and yearly payable amount will be as under.
Tenor Principal and yearly payable amount Remarks
00 Year 10,000 The table mentioned beside is example of calculation of yearly payable amount on principal amount of Tk. 10,000. Hence, yearly payable amount for multiple of Tk. 10,000 i.e., 20,000, 30,000 and so on will be calculated in proportion to the table mentioned beside.
01 Year 10,550
02 Years 11,190
03 Years 12,010
04 Years 12,910
05 Years 13,960
06 Years 15,220
07 Years 16,590
08 Years 18,370
09 Years 20,240
10 Years 22,090
11 Years 25,160
12 Years 06 Months 30,000
Terms & Conditions:
No benefit will be given for the fraction period in case of premature encashment. Benefit will be given only for completed year(s) mentioned in above table.
Depositor may avail credit facility against deposited amount or encashment value of the scheme according to the credit policy of the bank.
All government tax, levy, duty or surcharge etc. applicable to the scheme will be deducted from encashment value of the scheme.
In case of death of the account holder, the nominee can continue it by submitting written application to the Branch/Bank or encash it according to premature encashment rule mentioned above.