Green Banking

NRB Commercial Bank Limited emerged as a new generation Bank in Bangladesh anticipating more flow of inward foreign remittance and scope of investment by other investors of different countries of the world boosting up the total economy of Bangladesh. The bank shall devote in creating confidence for investment among the Bangladeshi expatriates offering desired services, attractive profitability and secured investment through various financial products.

It is worth mentioning that flow of inward foreign remittance shall not be increased only by pushing our manpower outside the country unless they are made fit & skilled to compete their peer group of other countries. NRB Commercial Bank shall arrange need based effective training and education programme for the intending FC wage earners of Bangladesh to survive against competitors of other countries. The bank shall set up Foundation for the welfare of wage earners’ families as well as provide charitable and social services to the society.

From the beginning, the Bank shall operate nationwide. Considering the comparative ratio of population and beneficiaries of foreign remittance the Bank shall spread its operation by opening branches in the remitter concentrated as well as rural areas. Thereafter overseas branches/delivery outlets will be opened considering the need and magnitude of NRBs/‘probashi’ Bangladeshis. The bank shall be the forerunner in exploiting new sources of fund such as assets securitization, issuance of mutual fund etc., for addressing the needs of newly emerged financing areas like SME financing, factoring, micro finance, IT based products, housing financing etc. with a view to furthering the economic growth of the country. The bank is committed to deliver service excellence through providing existing & innovative products in cost & time efficient manner, to its all retail & corporate customers. To contribute on environment, NRB Commercial Bank shall be pioneer in establishing the concept of Green Banking in Bangladesh.

I thank the Board of Directors of the Bank for supporting diversified and innovative products/services of the Bank to be offered to customers in this competitive market. My gratitude for the regulatory authorities for proper and effective guidance. I am quite confident that NRB Commercial Bank shall successfully rise up driving its efficiency, and providing better products and services to its customers.