Message from

The Chairman

It was our long cherished desire to establish a bank for economic development of our motherland with the help of Bangladeshi Expatriates in different countries of the world. It is regardless to mention that many NRBs of developed countries have well education and professional expertise in different fields who are potential resources for our country. Funds of many NRBs living in various regions of the world are either held in idle form or invested with less remunerative return. Inward remittance of the NRBs is being invested in unproductive sector as well. While creation of employment is a crying need of the country, many NRBs are eagerly looking for investment in Bangladesh for economic development of the motherland. These NRBs can not only bring huge investable fund but also “state of the art technology” for building up a world standard Bank tailored towards meeting local developmental needs of the country. Keeping all these in mind, I, along with some of the renowned NRBs, established NRBC Bank PLC. to become a peerless bank in terms of providing efficient & innovative banking services, safeguarding depositor’s interest, fulfilling shareholders desire, supporting economic growth of the country. The Bank has a particular attention to channelize regular inflow of foreign remittance of Bangladeshi expatriates working abroad and also the inflow of idle and less remunerative fund held with wealthy NRBs. The bank shall devote in creating confidence for investment among the Bangladeshi expatriates offering them desired services, attractive profitability and secured investment through various financial products. As the bank shall collect significant amount of deposits from NRBs, it will be a part of strategy of the bank to allocate investment from the loanable fund to the customer/borrower who are able to earn foreign currency, so that NRBs can be satisfied with good return. Other usual procedure in portfolio construction shall be duly followed. Moreover, in allocating investment of fund, in addition to usual sectors of investment Green banking, SME and Agriculture sector shall be given due importance. On the whole, the bank’s strategy shall be “supply-leading” rather than “demand following”, and “Financial Inclusion” rather than financial exclusiveness (to support only a group of urban customers) and its portfolio mix will reflect development strategy of the country. I thank my colleagues on the Board of Directors for their faith in my leadership and their support throughout. I am grateful also to the regulatory authorities for all their support and guidance. However I am quite confident that NRBC Bank shall successfully rise up driving its efficiency, and providing even better products and services to its customers.

Mr. Tamal Parvez