Message from

The Managing Director & CEO

Despite being a 4th generation bank, NRBC Bank has shown tremendous growth in the banking industry. After its commencement in 2013, today it has gained momentum entering a whole new arena because of stock market listing from early 2021. The Bank also faced tremendous struggles due to the global outbreak of novel coronavirus but we managed to come up on top because of our combined efforts of our esteemed Chairman, the Board of Directors and our competent management team.

As a member of NRBC Bank family, I have been given the opportunity by the Honorable members of the Board of Directors of the Bank to serve in the rank and capacity of Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer. It is an honor to be part of such a vibrant Bank in the industry. My heartfelt gratitude goes to our Chairman of the Board and its prolific Members, our Sponsors and Shareholders, our management team, our employees, our regulators especially Bangladesh Bank, Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission, Central Depository Bangladesh Limited, Dhaka Stock Exchange, Chittagong Stock Exchange and most of all, our customers and depositors without whom we would not be here today.

We understand that with changed dynamics of the new normal, we are bound to face new challenges every other day, but we are committed to be adaptable to the new dynamics and keep our institution strong for the foreseeable future.

From the management perspective, I am delighted to lead such a team of veteran and dynamic Bankers & we will be working hand in hand to full fill the desired goal of the stakeholders. It is my hope that we shall make our brand as a brand of confidence to all the existing and prospective customers of the Bank. There will be a lot of challenges until we can make our dreams come true but I am sure that with the help of my colleagues and honorable members of the Board we will be able to overcome every hurdle. I am sure that you will be extending your hands towards our journey to success as you did earlier with my predecessors.

However, the bottom line remains as before – that we have to let go of our traditional way of thinking towards banking to make NRBC Bank stand apart from the rest. We are creating new opportunities, new windows, new horizons for banking while giving assurance to the people that we are there for them. Our way of digitalizing the banking service, ensuring mobility and safety in a new environment all are part of the actualization of NRBC Bank’s vision. With the dynamic Board of Directors, capable management team and dedication of our ever growing number of employees, we are confident of the future that awaits us.

May the almighty stand beside us along the way.


Golam Awlia

Managing Director,CEO

NRB Commercial Bank Ltd