Current Deposit Account
Current Deposit Account is the net flow of current transactions with no restriction. It is an easy-to-use, convenient current account. Current Deposit Accounts are suitable for those customers who need unlimited transactions because of no restriction on withdrawal either in amount or in frequency.
Rate of Interest:
CURRENT DEPOSIT 1.00% Minimum balance 2.00 Lac
Types of Current Deposit Account:
Two or more persons jointly
Sole Proprietorship Concerns
Partnership Firms
Limited Companies (Both Public and Private)
Societies / Clubs / Associations / Local Bodies
Govt. / Semi Govt. Offices / Corporations / Autonomous bodies.
Required Documents:
Name of applicant(s) together with name(s) of parents and spouse(s).
Present and Permanent Address.
Date of Birth.
TIN (if any).
Trade License
Duly attested photocopy of valid Passport / Employer’s Certificate / ID Card / Driving Licence / Voter ID Card / National ID Card or Certificate about credentials by the local Ward Commissioner / Chairman of Union Parishad.
Two copies of recent passport size Photographs of account holder duly attested by the Introducer.
One copy of Passport Size Photograph of Nominee duly attested by the Account Holder.
Copies of Utility Bills, viz. Electricity Bill / Land Phone bill / Cell Phone Bill / Gas Bill / WASA Bill, etc. in the name of applicants.