Why should I open an account at NRBCB? What is the difference or what are the additional benefits compared to other scheduled banks?
NRBCB has selected the latest technologies to serve its customers for 24/7 from any point of delivery channel. The bank is providing any branch banking, internet Banking and SMS banking facilities. Bank is persuading to set up extensive network in and outside the country so that NRBs can send their hard earned money to their near and dear ones sitting in home at a very cost effective manner and see their parents or relatives receiving said money at their door steps almost in no time.
Can I open my account online? If not when will I be able to open it?
In Bangladesh online account opening is yet to be allowed. We are actively working on it and hopefully be able to open account through online very soon.
Can I check my balance online? Can you send us monthly bank statement by e-Mail?
Yes, you can check your balance through our SMS or Internet banking facilities. We send monthly statements through e-Mail upon request.
How would I remit money to my account from abroad?
You can deposit money to your account in three ways:
- Direct deposit over the counter
- Through SWIFT (Address: NRBBBDDH)
- Through Exchange Houses.
Is your rate competitive?
Yes, we provide competitive rate compared to other scheduled banks in Bangladesh. Our rates and different deposit schemes are given in our website: www.nrbcommercialbank.com
Can I send an electronic advice to pay to someone in Bangladesh? What are the charges?
Yes, we accept electronic advice as a special case. You can avail EFTN service to pay someone having account with other banks. We do not charge for this type of service.
If I send and deposit money in your bank as NRB will I be able to bring that back legally to my country presently living? How would I do that?
Yes, you can bring back your money, if the amount is kept in Foreign Currency Account. You will simply give us a written instruction.
If I want to invest money to your bank where do you recommend I invest?
You can choose your deposit and investment schemes denominated in FCY and LCY. We have short and long term deposit products for you. You can also choose government bonds denominated in US Dollar.
If there any limit, how much money I can deposit in your bank?
No, there is no limit. You will require submit your transaction profile.
If I open an account and deposit dollar as NRB, will I be able to withdraw dollar when I go to Bangladesh?
Yes, you can withdraw money from your account by cash BDT, cash Dollar, Card, TC etc. There is a limit of cash Dollar withdrawal for travelling outside.
Can I have multiple nominees in my account?
Yes, you can.
If I buy an apartment in Bangladesh as NRB, can I setup an auto draft so that you will send money to that account every month automatically?
Yes, you can do that giving standing instruction to the bank.
How would I buy share when the bank goes public? Will we be able to purchase share in dollar staying in USA? How would we do that?
You can apply to buy shares under NRB quota staying in USA. For this purpose you will need to have a FC account/ NRITA account and a BO account.
Do you have credit card/ ATM card?
Yes, we issue VISA credit, debit and prepaid cards. We also issue NRBCB proprietary debit card.
How would I apply for a loan?
You may kindly contact your nearest branch to discuss in detail. Branch will consider the purpose of loan, credit worthiness, security, repayment sources etc.
If I want to invest money in your bank and want one of my nominees to withdraw a monthly sum in every month, can I do that?
Yes, you can give Power of Attorney/ mandate to any of your nominees to operate the account. You can also fix a certain limit for the nominee.
Do the NRBs have to pay taxes in Bangladesh for deposits?
Any remitted investment from abroad in foreign currency, including profit, is not taxable. But any interest realized by depositing in local currency is taxable. At present tax rate is 15% on interest. However, this rate is 10% for TIN holders.
What is the procedure to open FC Account?
You will first fill up a prescribed Account Opening Form and submit it to us alongwith photographs of you and your nominee(s), photocopy of passport with visa/No Visa Required/permanent resident card/work permit (if applicable) and personal Identification of Nominee i.e., photocopy of passport/NID Card/PR Card/Driving license/birth certificate.
What is the procedure to deposit an FC Account?
- By depositing over the counter by the account holder himself in the form of cash foreign currency /cheque/ foreign demand draft while having a visit in Bangladesh
- Cheque and Foreign Demand Draft can also be deposited be anyone
- Through SWIFT (Address: NRBBBDDH)
- Through Exchange Houses
What is the procedure of withdrawal/encashment from an FC Account?
You can withdraw from your FC account under the following ways:

- Cash foreign currency over the counter
- Any payment abroad can be settled from the FC account by instruction
- Any inland payment both in local and foreign currency can also be settled from the FC account by instruction
- Any amount can be encashed from the FC account by instruction either by account holder or anyone (i.e. nominee) having mandate to operate the account.
May I purchase government bond from NRBCB? If yes, what are the formalities and rates of return?
Yes, you can purchase 3 types of government bonds i.e., i) US Dollar Investment Bond ii) US Dollar Premium Bond and iii) Wage Earners Development Bond.
Purchase Procedure: Every wage earner can purchase bonds through his/her FC Account submitting i) Prescribed Application Form ii) Photocopy of Passport and iii) Photographs of the Purchaser and Nominee(s).
Product Information: US Dollar Investment Bond & US Dollar Premium Bond
Value (USD) Tenure Rate of Interest
500 or multiple 3 years US Dollar Investment Bond
6.50% (interest is paid half yearly basis in USD)
Premature encashment:
a) 5.50% (after 1 year but before 2 years)
b) 6.00% (after 2 years but before 3 years)

US Dollar Premium Bond
7.50% (interest is paid half yearly basis in BDT )
Premature Encashment:
a) 6.50% (after 1 year but before 2 years)
b) 7.00% (after 2 years but before 3 years)
Product Information: Wage Earners Development Bond
Value (BDT) Tenure Rate of Interest
25000 or multiple 5 years 12.00% (interest is paid half yearly basis in BDT )
Premature Encashment:
a) 0% (before 6 months)
b) 8.75% (after 6 months but before 1 year, interest is paid for 6 months).
c) 9.45% (after 1 year but before 1.5 year, interest is paid for 1 year)
d) 10.20% (after 1.5 year but before 2 years, interest is paid for 1.5 year)
e) 11.20% (after 2 years and thereafter)
Other Benefits:
- CIP status is given for purchasing of bond of minimum USD 10.00 lac or BDT 800.00 lac.
- US Dollar bonds will be auto renewed.
- US Dollar Investment Bond interest can be repatriated.
Death Risk Benefit:
Invested Amount Percentage of Death-Risk-Benefit
From USD 10,000 to 20,000
From USD 20,500 to 50,000
From USD 50,500 and Above
US Dollar Investment Bond & US Dollar Premium Bond
15% of the invested amount (payable in BDT)
20% of the invested amount (payable in BDT)
25% of the invested amount (payable in BDT maximum 20.00 lac)
BDT 0.25 lac to BDT 4.75 lac
BDT 5.00 lac to BDT 9.75 lac
BDT 10.00 and above
Wage Earners Development Bond
40% of the invested amount (payable in BDT)
45% of the invested amount (payable in BDT)
50% of the invested amount (payable in BDT maximum 5.00 lac)
- Maximum age limit: 55 years at the time of his/her death
- Maximum time for claim: 3 months from the death of the purchaser