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Green Banking
"Green Banking" is a widely accepted concept for today's world. Global warming is a great issue in protection of sterile environment. Green banking that considers all the social and environmental factors is also called Ethical Banking. Green banking, as a concept is proactive and smart way of thinking with a vision for future sustainability of our only Spaceship earth. As a responsible private sector financial institution of the country NRBC Bank will play a crucial role in addressing the issue and in all activities like financing and social responsibilities and CSR activities.

Bangladesh Bank in line with global norms has already introduced Green Banking and sustainable practices at all the scheduled banks in Bangladesh. In incompliance with the Bangladesh Bank's directive, a "Green Banking Unit (GBU)” has been formed at Head Office. NRBC Bank's core objective is to contribute to the national/global interest through establishing an environment friendly banking business system which may be achieved through proper utilization of human & physical resources and encouraging channeling of fund to projects/businesses those expose no or very little risk to the environment/climate.

Our Policy Guidelines also set with the emphasis on the below objectives:
To promote sustainable environment friendly initiatives undertaking through adoption of a set of principles and strict adherence to those principles.
To contribute to the national/global interest through avoidance of financing in specific business/projects/industries etc which are being harmful or tend to be causing harm to the environment even if they are financially viable.
To create an environment for the bank and its clients to work within an ideal business atmosphere through inventive green marketing of innovative products.
To encourage the employees, the customers and other stakeholders to develop, practice & nurture for using Green Technology and Eco-friendly products and processes. In connection with this, our banking system is already introduced ATM facilities and E-banking for our customers from the very inception of the Bank’s operation.
To develop the mind-set and practice among the employees and the stakeholders through initialization of appropriate in-house environmental risk management system.
To patronage awareness programs for environment friendly products/technology through practice of Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR).