Shohoj Sanchay Deposit
Salient features:
Any individual will be allowed to open this account in his/her own name or jointly by depositing minimum declared amount.
Customer can deposit or withdraw any amount at any time from this account.
Customer will get cheque book and debit card facility against this account.
Customer can open this account through declaration of minimum balance and enjoy the interest rate as per following table:
SL. No Minimum Declared Amount Prefix Interest Rate Remarks
01 50,000.00 320 5.25% If the customer maintains minimum declared balance daily, then interest will be given on account balance at the rate mentioned beside at the end of every month. For instance: if a customer opens an account with declared minimum balance of Taka 50,000.00 and maintains account balance Taka 50,000.00 and more in every day of the month, then interest will be given on daily basis @ 5.25%.
02 1,00,000.00 321 5.50%
03 2,00,000.00 322 5.75%
Other Terms & Conditions:
If the customer wants to close the account before end of the month, then no interest will be given for that month.
Depositor may avail credit facility against deposited amount according to credit policy of the bank.
The customer can pay installment of other deposit account/loan, without any charge from this account by giving standing order.
All Bank charges, government tax, levy, duty or surcharge etc. applicable to the account will be deducted from the account.