Machinery Finance

Machinery Finance

An industrialist may avail the facility to procure capital machinery or equipment through import from abroad or local sources or 3rd party imported brand new/ reconditioned machinery.


1. One may avail machinery finance facility in the form of Hire Purchase / Lease Finance / Loan General (Term Loan) based on type of machinery. NRBC Bank provides all sorts of support from import of machinery (in the form of Letter of Credit) to adjustment of liability in the form of eventual Hire Purchase / lease Finance.

2. The bank also supports machinery financing to be procured from local sources.

3. Interested borrowers may contact nearest branch with supporting documents and information like machinery quotation, business details, financials, trade license etc.


1. Hire Purchase: Tenor is 3 to 7 years with borrower & bank’s joint ownership of vehicle / machinery (wherever applicable till adjustment of liability).

2. Lease Finance: Tenor is 3 to 7 years with ownership of vehicle / machinery in the name of bank (till adjustment of liability).

Loan General (Term Loan): Tenor is 3 to 7 years.

Processing Fee

NRBC Bank is offering this facility at competitive rate & fees.