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NRBC Bank observes National Mourning Day

NRB Commercial Bank observed with due respect 45th death anniversary of Father of the Nation Banngabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and National Mourning Day-2020. Saturday, 15 August 2020 the Bank organized a mourning program at its Head Office. Keynote speaker President of Bangabandhu Parishad USA and Director of the Bank, Freedom Fighter DR. Nuran Nabi, President of Bangabandhu Parishad Russia and the Chairman of the Audit Committee Mr. Rafikul Islam Mia Arzoo, General Secretary of Bangabandhu Parishad Russia and Chairman of the Bank Mr. Parvez Tamal, Reputed Journalist and Director of the Bank Mr. Mohammed Manzurul Islam, Founder Chairman of the Bank Engr. Farasath Ali joined the mourning event through video conference and narrated the life and achievements of Bangabandhu. The Executive Chairman of the Bank Mr. Mohammed Adnan Imam, Director Mr. Mohammed Oliur Rahman, Director Mohammed Nazim, Director AKM Mustafizur Rahman, Sponsors, Shareholders, all official of NRBC Bank joined the event through video conference. Keynote Speaker Freedom Fighter Dr. Nuran Nabi Said, we have to behold the ideology of Banganbadhu in our heart. He also said, Bangabandhu has fought for the exploited people all his life and expressed his pride of being a citizen of Bangladesh, the independence of which is an outcome of the immense sacrifice and struggle of Bangabandhu." At the same time, he demanded the execution of the rest of the murderers convicted of Bangabandhu's killing. In his speech Mr. Rafikul Islam Mia Arzoo, Chairman of Audit Committee of NRBC Bank mentioned that independence and economical liberation of people was the dream of Bangabandhu. He also said that to materialize this dream we need to focus and work hard to ensure financial liberty. In alignment with this dream ,NRBC Bank is relentlessly extending support to both agricultural and industrial sector of this country. Director Mr. Mohammed Manzurul Islam mentioned the undeniable contribution of Bangabandhu in establishing the true essence of democracy in liberated Bangladesh. He also said that today’s democratic Bangladesh is nothing but the realization of Bangabandhu’s dream. Mr. Parvez Tamal, Chairman of the Bank laid wreath at the portrait of the Father of the Nation which is a part of the Bangabandhu Corner of the Bank. The Managing Director and CEO Mr. Mukhter Hossain and other senior officials were present. The cultural team of NRBC Bank perform some songs for the Father of the Nation. A Dua Mahfil was held seeking eternal peace for the departed soul of Bangabandhu along with all the martyrs of 15th August, 1975 incident