NRB Commercial Bank Ltd


General Instructions
  • Use our SMS Service for Balance enquiry, getting mini statement and many more.
  • If you don't get transaction notification alert contact to your Branch.
  • Update your account information (if any change).
  • Use our EFTN and RTGS service to remit fund to other bank.
  • Provide your E-TIN number (if there any).
  • Submit 'Positive Pay Instruction' to honor clearing cheque.
  • Count the cheque leaves immediately on receipt of a new cheque book to ensure that no leaf is missing or duplicated in the book.
  • After depositing cash, check whether cash receiving officer's sign and seal are given in the customer copy of the deposit slip.
  • Before opening any account, go through the rate, benefit, terms and conditions of the account.
  • Count your money, before leaving cash counter.
  • Maintain queue at customer service point
  • If you have any suggestion or complain about our service, mail to